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Diversify your Facility

四月 21, 2022

Imagine this, members coming to your facility because of the equipment you provide. It seems logical, right? When fitting your facility with equipment, you want high-quality pieces that keep members motivated. On top of that, you want equipment that will keep members engaged and keep them excited with unique workouts. It is a considerable reason why they come to your facility. If your members have yet to experience the Octane LateralX, get ready to bring a unique piece that they will rave about.  The Octane LateralX is not a typical elliptical; it is a lateral trainer that can adjust from a stepping motion to full lateral width. It will diversify their movements while burning more calories. Research shows a 27% increase in caloric expenditure from lateral width 1 to lateral width 10 and a 30% increase in outer and inner thigh work over traditional ellipticals. The variety within the movements keeps exercisers motivated and enjoying workouts!*  With Workout Boosters users have many options to keep them motivated:

  • GluteKicker: to target their glutes
  • ArmBlaster: to give their arms a quick, intense workout
  • XMode: an on-screen personal trainer directing them through their activity
 Along with the motivation that will come from the Workout Boosters,


Octane Rō: Not Just a One HIIT Wonder

三月 22, 2022

Looking for an all-in-one machine that will give you a full-body workout? This time of the year, the gym is loaded with individuals embarking on their resolution journeys. Sticking with your scheduled workout and finding equipment when you need it is difficult. With the Octane Rō, you’re able to get a total body workout in without the hassle of changing equipment and losing your spot in the gym. Multiple training styles are available to try with the multi-grip handlebar and dual resistance, but you can also combine many other exercises with the Rō to get a killer workout. Hop off the Rō and use the seat track bar to incorporate elevated planks. If you’re feeling audacious, get into a plank position facing the opposite way of the Rō and elevate your feet onto the seat to perform plank pikes or plank knee tucks. Think outside the box and you can encounter perpetual possibilities that will help you blend your cardio and strength workouts together into one incredible fat-burning training session. Secure your spot on the Octane Rō and give this exercise a try: Warm-up: 50 x Jumping Jacks 12 x Inch Worms 500m –