Understanding and Overcoming a Slow Metabolism



Metabolism is the rate at which your body uses calories and turns food into energy to sustain life and support activity. It measures the number of calories that you expend each day. If you have a fast metabolism, you burn more calories at rest and throughout the day; and those with a slower metabolism need fewer calories because they use them more slowly.

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How to Address Common Weaknesses in Running Technique


For most of us, running is tough. And yet it is extremely popular, with races of all distances drawing record numbers of participants. So despite its challenges, running offers an undeniable appeal among both recreational joggers and elite athletes. And committed runners are always seeking ways to improve – whether by fine-tuning their form, taking on cross training, participating in a runner’s club, consulting a coach or trying out gadgets, shoes and apparel.

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How to Get Bikini-Body Ready for Summer

bikini body


With warmer temperatures finally here, it’s time to get near a pool, lake or ocean to enjoy some outdoor fun. Although donning a swimsuit can be a source of stress for some women, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re swimming, boating or simply catching rays, here are some tips to implement immediately on how to get bikini-ready for summer:

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6 Ways Proper Nutrition Can Boost Your Weight Loss

weight-loss - nutrition


Losing weight is the result of a simple formula of expending more calories than you take in. But amidst all the various regimens, conflicting information and unrealistic promises about what works best, the actual process isn’t quite so simple – particularly when we are surrounded by food everywhere and typically lead sedentary lifestyles. It takes knowledge, discipline and patience to shed pounds.

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Tips for Running in the Heat



Summertime brings us outside, where we are free to escape the gym for a bit and enjoy fresh air and new sights. And outdoor running can be invigorating and motivating if you are near some beautiful scenery. However, the summer elements require a bit of preparation, from applying sunscreen, to staying hydrated, to avoiding poison ivy. » Read Full Story