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Mary Ann’s Must-Have Workout Apparel

ma cover2As a National Account Sales Manager for Octane Fitness, I spend a great deal of time in workout clothes.  When I purchase workout apparel I look for high quality clothes that are comfortable, travel well and look good. I do not want to have to take special care of my workout clothes – they go from the washer to the dryer and then to either my suitcase or the gym bag. As a result, over time I have found some tried-and-true favorites that I could not live without. » Read Full Story

Workout Like a Superhero

One of the best parts of hitting the gym is that post-workout feeling of invincibility.  When, for a moment, you actual thinking to yourself “I could bend steal right now” or feeling like the Hulk as you walk to your car. Well now you don’t have to wait until post-workout for that super hero feeling, you can look the part from set 1. » Read Full Story