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Personal Trainer Experience on the LateralX

LateralXLoving the LateralX – Most of us are creatures of habit, but when it comes to exercise, it is helpful to change our routines and try different workouts. Not only can this spike excitement in our minds, but our bodies definitely benefit from a variety of exercises. When we’re doing something new, our bodies have to continually adapt to different challenges, and we tend to be more focused versus simply going through the motions. » Read Full Story

My Octane Story – Andrew D

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How I lost weight using my Octane Fitness elliptical machine!

I had always been a larger guy as an adult and through most of my youth. I also have always been lazy when it comes to exercise and really have no interest in sports. For the past 5 years, I traveled for work and flew as much as 175,000 miles in a year and ate business meals all over the world making me an even larger guy. About a year ago, I boarded a flight and the flight attendant handed me a seat belt extension without me asking for it. I glared back and said, “I don’t need this angrily, and the flight attendant apologized but I did need to recline the seat just a hair to get the seat belt on and realized that I had no clue how big I had become. It was a 15 hour flight and when I bent over I blew out the seam in the seat on a pair of 44 inch pants and the rest of the flight flight I wore a blanket over my pants to avoid further embarrassment and decided it was time for a change.

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