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Seeking Fast Weight Loss?

fast weight loss


Let’s face it, weight loss is hard work. Fast weight loss is even harder but that doesn’t mean that you can’t experience some results relatively quickly. Restricting calories and choosing healthy foods is one critical part of the equation. The other is consistent, productive exercise sessions that help you burn calories, tone muscles and boost metabolism. » Read Full Story

Why Use a Workout App?

workout app


Health and fitness apps are growing in popularity – there’s more than 13,000 now – and it’s no surprise why, as they can be effective in helping people stay on track and achieve results. In fact, Health magazine recently reported that 42% of its readers think that apps are the best tech tool for reaching their fitness goals. » Read Full Story

Oprah’s Favorite Things: Beats Studio Headphones

beats-by-dre_orangeWhen it comes to fitness accessories, quality headphones are of the upmost importance. The time spent at the exercising at the gym or running on your home elliptical is sacred. Not only are you focusing on getting the best workout you can, it’s a welcome escape from the grind of daily life. The last thing you need in the middle of interval training is to hear the chatty people across the gym going on about who-knows-what or the kids fighting over what to watch on TV. » Read Full Story