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How to Get a Total-Body Workout on an Elliptical



Most of us know that exercise provides a host of benefits, including weight management and weight loss; more energy; greater confidence; decreased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease; improved stress management; and better mood, among others. Plus, regular exercise yields enhanced quality of life and overall health. » Read Full Story

Zero Runner: A Cardio Machine That Truly Mimics Your Running Form

zero runner dean review


World renowned endurance athlete, bestselling author and ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes recently tried the Zero Runner at the New York City Marathon race expo. Like many runners, Dean was initially skeptical of the Zero Runner’s ability to provide a natural running workout with zero-impact. See what Dean had to say… » Read Full Story

Move to Lose Weight

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America is suffering an obesity epidemic because we tend to eat too much and move too little. No surprise here, but those who want to lose weight often find that behavior change is difficult. Not only must they alter their diets to favor healthier, low-calorie foods, but they have to exercise regularly to shed pounds. » Read Full Story