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How To Recover From a Race


For runners who like to compete in races, a lot of attention is typically spent on training, gear and race selection, with less thought – if any – to race recovery. Every race, no matter the distance, requires adequate recovery to help minimize overtraining, injuries and burnout, as well as to keep you performing well in future competitions. As quoted in Runner’s World, Corey Hart, a physiologist and doctoral candidate at the University of Utah’s Vascular Research Lab, “What you do to recover after a race plays a big role in how you will perform at the next one.”

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Running Made Even Better



Running is terrific exercise but can be challenging for many of us. In addition to subjecting your body to repetitive stress, you have to manage the weather, dressing appropriately, carrying water and being aware of multiple safety hazards. And some days, inclement weather can simply derail your running plans. » Read Full Story