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Purchasing Fitness Equipment as a Gift



This holiday season, consider giving fitness equipment as a gift for a family member or your entire family. Exercise machines are a wonderful present that everyone in your home can benefit from, with a valuable return on investment, including greater fitness and health. While some premium equipment indeed may cost more than a new TV or another sweater, these items last for many years with quality performance and the ultimate in convenience.

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Staying Fit During the Holidays



With the added stress of juggling multiple responsibilities and obligations during the holiday season, it’s no surprise that workout programs often get derailed. Even with the best intentions, it can be challenging to maintain a consistent exercise routine in the face of endless shopping, school concerts, end-of-the-year work commitments and parties. » Read Full Story

How to Burn Maximum Calories on an Elliptical

Most of us know that eating too many calories causes weight gain. A calorie is a measurement of the amount of energy that foods produce in the body, and if we don’t use that energy, our bodies store it as fat, which can add pounds. The best way to use calories and help prevent weight gain is through daily activity and exercise. Consider the elliptical machine, which is a great way to exercise and burn maximum calories. » Read Full Story

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Muffin Tops


Belly fat is what many exercisers want to lose the most – including beer bellies and muffin tops. No other body part seems to attract more attention than the abs. And yet, confusion and misunderstanding abound about the best ways to shape up the center of the body. Here, we address smart ways to slim and strengthen the core; but note, these methods yield the best results when done together and consistently over time.

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