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How to use an elliptical machine

howtouseellipticalmachineMaximizing Elliptical Machine Workouts – A variety of equipment is available for cardiovascular workouts, but elliptical machines offer low-impact, total-body exercise that can be very effective. While you can just jump on and go, but it’s best to know how to use an elliptical machine properly to get the most out of your sweat sessions. » Read Full Story

Benefits of using a heart rate monitor

heartratemonitorWhat’s Up with Heart Rate?  People used to use the talk test to gauge their workout intensity – if they could talk to someone else relatively easily, that meant that their intensity wasn’t too high. If they were gasping for air, they needed to slow down.  Fortunately, in today’s tech-savvy world, heart rate monitors take the guesswork out of intensity feedback during workouts.  Here are a few benefits of using a heart rate monitor. » Read Full Story

Anti Stress Techniques

antistressStressbustingIn today’s world, most of us would say that we have too much stress, and this is backed up in the United States in particular by the rising rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and more. Obviously, stress is inevitable, but we can learn ways to better manage it so that it doesn’t get the best of us.  Here are a few anti stress techniques that work for me. » Read Full Story

Workout for Busy People

istock_000008190369smallI Don’t Have Time!  People definitely are busier than ever these days, and sometimes, we claim that we don’t have time to exercise. While that really may be true on some jam-packed days, many of us tend to prioritize and spend time on what we really want to do. Let’s face it, people still watch a lot of TV, hang out on Facebook and play games on their phones or iPads. » Read Full Story