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New Octane Fitness SmartLink™ Workout App Drives Results

SmartLink workout appWorking out consistently can be a challenge for many people, especially when they aren’t seeing results. It can be difficult to stay motivated over the long haul, particularly when facing so many other conflicting demands in today’s busy lifestyles. But the truth is, getting results from exercise takes time and requires ongoing effort. Thankfully, there are workout apps that can help.

With technology, like fitness trackers, smartwatches, heart rate monitors and workout apps that increase awareness of, provide guidance for, and deliver details about our fitness routines, it is easier to stay stay motivated. Many workout apps function like a virtual personal trainer, guiding workouts, measuring progress and keeping you adherent. For some people, they can mean the difference between success and quitting.

Whether you work out at home or at a gym – or both – there’s an app to help you achieve your goals. Research first to determine what’s best for you, as there are many options available.

And if you use Octane Fitness equipment, you’re in luck. Coming soon, Octane is releasing an updated version of its free SmartLink workout app for iOS and Android. The iOS version for consumer and commercial Octane equipment will be available later this year, and the Android compatible app will follow in 2019.

SmartLink enhances your workout and connects to the Octane machine from your mobile phone or tablet using Bluetooth. It works with the Q37xi, Q47xi, xR6xi, ZR7 and ZR8 home models, and the XT3700, XT4700, xR6000, XT-One, LateralX, ZR7000 and ZR8000 commercial units.

How can SmartLink 3.0 drive workout success? Here is an overview of what makes it a valuable tool in your regimen.

SmartLink Workout App Benefits

  1. Ease of use – The totally redesigned SmartLink app now is more user-friendly and simple to navigate, with everything you need quickly accessible at your fingertips.
  2. Goal-based – Identify what you’re seeking from workouts, choosing from options such as lose weight, feel better, endurance, athletic performance, strength and active recovery. Then select from a multitude of workouts, from beginner to advanced, designed to get you to your goal.
  3. Comprehensive – Only Octane Fitness offers CROSS CiRCUIT®, a unique program that maximizes workout effectiveness and efficiency by combining cardio, strength and flexibility routines in one session. Following designated intervals, exercisers perform cardio intervals on the machine, followed by strength-training or flexibility work adjacent to the machine.

   More than 35 pre-programmed routines are available for variety, and SmartLink includes videos that demonstrate proper form and deliver     instructions for more than 225 strength training and flexibility exercises.

  1. HIIT – Take on rigorous intervals with Octane’s signature MMA and 30:30 routines, with the motivating tachometer showing real-time calorie burn and fueling your efforts. Workout Boosters, such as X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster, also add one-minute intense intervals, and interactive videos make it easy to stay motivated and maintain proper form.
  2. Stride tracing – On the Zero Runner, take advantage of innovative dual stride tracing* technology via SmartLink to monitor and analyze your gait and adjust form as necessary over the miles to ensure consistency for better performance.
  3. Workout tracking — SmartLink automatically stores all workout details to chronicle your progress, and you also can add input from other exercise outside of Octane routines to get a comprehensive picture. Easily share your information with Apple® Health, and additional workout partners coming soon.
  4. Customized – Create your own workout profile and your workout history is conveniently tracked and saved in the SmartLink app and connected to Apple® Health. You now also can choose from several feedback screens, including a tachometer, track and more based on the workout you select.

* Dual stride trace available on ZR8 and ZR8000 models. Single stride trace available on ZR7 and ZR7000.

SmartLink Workout App Preview


With the SmartLink workout app, there’s no more wondering what workout to tackle today – just get on and go! Download the free iOS app HERE and keep an eye out for the 3.0 update coming soon!


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