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What is the AlterG?



If you’re a serious runner, you may know that the AlterG is an impressive anti-gravity treadmill that is used for training and rehab. It literally unweights the body so that you run only carrying a pre-determined percentage of your actual body weight, which significantly reduces the impact and stress to the joints.


Unfortunately, the AlterG is very expensive and only can be found in limited locations, like some physical therapy centers and elite athletic training facilities. On top of which, you typically have to pay a fee or be a member to use it.

But now, runners can take advantage of the new Zero Runner, which replicates real running motion without any impact. Its unique hip and knee joints let runners establish their natural stride and pace, while providing complete support so that there is no pounding. This allows runners to add miles while minimizing the load to the body, which enhances training while reducing the risk of injury.

The Zero Runner is ideal for half-marathon and full marathon preparation and active recovery – providing optimal supplemental conditioning and decreasing repetitive stress.

Plus, the Zero Runner is designed for home use, so it’s more affordable and available than the AlterG. Whether you are an established competitor or a wannabe runner, the Zero Runner is an ideal training tool that essentially does what the AlterG does – only with a lot more accessibility. Check out Zero Runner at www.zerorunner.com.

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