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Training for a 10K

training for a 10k


After you’ve done a few 5Ks, training for a 10K is fairly easy. Even if you’re not a regular racer, if you commit to run regularly, you can conquer a 10K as well. Many people can finish a 10K in one hour or so, making this a challenging but manageable distance to take on.


If you’ve never run before, consult a few resources to develop a consistent base program, including running books, web sites, local running clubs, personal trainers and staff at running stores. Your goal should be to get in some regular mileage and build up your endurance without getting an injury.

Once you’ve got the ability to run several miles without stopping, you’re ready for training for a 10K, which can take 4-8 weeks, depending on your running experience, fitness level and goals (PR or simply finish the race). You can gradually add mileage, without increasing more than 10% per week to help minimize the risk of injuries. The same goes for speed – don’t try to cut your mile times by more than 10% each week. Again, you can review many training plans that are available online or in books to come up with a program that best meets your needs, goals and schedule.

One new way to enhance your training is the Zero Runner from Octane Fitness. This is the only machine that replicates real running motion with zero impact to the body, which is incredibly valuable to help reduce stress to the body and bypass injuries from overuse.

What’s most impressive about the Zero Runner is that it enables runners to utilize their own stride and pace, just like they would outside, but with their body fully supported. No more pounding or painful joints – the Zero offers welcome freedom of motion and lack of jarring intensity. Plus, programs for training for a 10K are available on the Zero.

Training for a 10K still requires working outdoors, of course, but the Zero is a terrific supplement for increasing mileage while being kind to the body, along with getting in consistent miles on lighter days, active recovery and days when weather doesn’t permit a safe outdoor run. With the Zero Runner, not only are 10K races possible, but you may just find yourself tackling a half-marathon next!

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