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Summer Workout Routines for Women

workout routines for women


Most of us love summertime for its sunshine, warmer temperatures, longer days and opportunity to be outdoors. But with summer comes more body baring in swimsuits, tanks, shorts and more – which can make many women self-conscious. That’s why this post focuses on workout routines for women. 


Don’t hide behind your cover-up all summer long or skip beach fun. Get active and make regular exercise a priority to tone up and feel more confident. With the workout routines for women in Octane Fitness’ CROSS CiRCUIT, you can blast fat and calories, target trouble spots and stay motivated with visible results!

Combining cardio intervals on the elliptical with strength exercises adjacent to the elliptical, CROSS CiRCUIT is one of the most efficient and effective ways to exercise. You get cardio calorie burning and the body shaping benefits of strength training all in one workout. That means more time to enjoy summer!

And every workout can be different since there are many routines to choose from – you can select from lower-body focus, upper-body focus, core and even bikini body-ready. Or you can design your own regimens to meet your needs that day. Your body responds to the variety of challenges, and your mind stays motivated.

Plus, if you use Octane’s free SmartLink app, you can capitalize on more than 35 CROSS CiRCUIT programs and more than 225 exercises – all performed on video so you can focus on your best form for each one.

What’s great about CROSS CiRCUIT as far as workout routines for women is that it is totally customizable, so the sessions emphasize your priority areas and help you achieve your goals. And with all the thinking done for you, you just have to get on and start sweating. Keep yourself fueled – and rocking that mini skirt – all summer long with CROSS CiRCUIT!

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