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5K Training

5k training


Running and amateur racing are more popular than ever today, and many people are willing to take on shorter distances, such as 5K and 10K fun runs. Regardless of race length, it’s important to train to before running any distance.   


For those just getting started, many plans exist for 5K training, depending on your fitness level and how much time you have before race day. These plans typically start with intervals of jogging and walking, and add distance and longer jogging periods over time. Some plans are designed to be undertaken alone, and others are programs established for groups.

To help boost your performance and minimize risk of injury in your 5K training, consider using the Zero Runner for part of your regimen. New from Octane Fitness, this one-of-a-kind machine replicates real running motion with zero impact to the body. This is particularly valuable for beginning runners, who may have difficulty tolerating the repetitive stress on the body from running outside.

The Zero Runner now gives runners a valuable option to include impact-free training, which helps prevent overuse and common injuries. While race preparation still requires hitting the miles outside, runners can work on performance, gait health and form while logging more mileage with this comfortable machine.

Whether you’re starting 5K training – or are preparing for a half or full marathon, the Zero Runner equips you to train smarter and longer. Now you can run many races …for the rest of your life!

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