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Fitness Tips: Finding Reliable, Trustworthy Sources

fitness tips


The Internet today is filled with fitness tips. Everyone from fitness professionals to novice exercisers are sharing their tips and tricks for success. Amidst this influx of information, it can be tough to know what credible and which you should bypass.


If you’re an Octane elliptical user, then the new SmartLink app is your best source of fitness tips. This free resource, which connects to and controls your elliptical workouts from an iPad, is loaded with valuable information to keep you motivated, consistent with your routine and pursuing results. You’ll find recommendations on exercise form and frequency, cross training and even nutrition. Videos deliver tips on exercise selection, technique and execution. And you can trust Octane’s professional, reliable sources.

Even better, with Octane’s SmartLink free updates, you’ll benefit from a bunch of new fitness tips that will keep you on track to your best performance. Take a peek at Octane’s blogs (like you are reading now!) as well for even more continual suggestions on getting and staying fit. Octane is committed to fueling you for life, so take advantage of all its fitness tips, and follow what works best for you!

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