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Zero Impact Running Among the Best of Boston Marathon Expo

zero impact


This weekend Octane Fitness debuted the first zero impact running machine of its kind at the Boston Marathon Expo; and it stole the show!  It  was even named it one of ten “must-visit” attractions at the expo.


ZERO RUNNER, the first zero impact running machine, made its world premiere this weekend. Designed and produced with marathon runners in mind, there was no better place to debut the ZERO RUNNER than the Boston Marathon Expo. While everyone at Octane Fitness has been excited about ZERO RUNNER for some time now, we were eager to know what elite marathoners thought of our zero impact running machine.

After three days at the Expo the reviews are in and ZERO RUNNER  was an Expo favorite. Local online news site BostInno, which specializes in covering innovation throughout Boston, even named the Octane Fitness booth one of the ten must-visit booths at the show! You can see their complete list, and a great picture of ZERO RUNNER, on their website.

The ZERO RUNNER will be released in the United States this summer but you can get a sneak peak of this revolutionary zero impact exercise machine in the video below. Then visit www.zerorunner.com for more information and signup to receive product updates.


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  1. Larry Schmidt

    What a great machine. 6 years ago I had hip surgery which resulted in my running being a very painful experience and reduced to a walk/jog. At the Boston expo I tried the Zero Runner and was able to do a cardio running workout at a level I haven’t been able to do since having surgery totally without pain. It felt great to be able to run again pain free. I believe this “tool” will help me continue my marathon and Ironman age group experiences. Thank you Tim for introducing to the Zero Runner!!


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