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Why Use a Workout App?

workout app


Health and fitness apps are growing in popularity – there’s more than 13,000 now – and it’s no surprise why, as they can be effective in helping people stay on track and achieve results. In fact, Health magazine recently reported that 42% of its readers think that apps are the best tech tool for reaching their fitness goals.

For those who use Octane ellipticals, the new SmartLink workout app from Octane Fitness is a must-have. Available at iTunes®, this free workout app enables an iPad® to connect to and control used Octane’s new Q37xi and Q47xi home elliptical machines for the ultimate in smart training.

SmartLink is your new personal trainer, driving you to results. Simply choose a goal — lose weight, feel better, get stronger or improve athletic performance – and SmartLink creates a personal workout routine to get you there. Every workout is aimed toward the results you are after.

And coming May 5, SmartLink offers even more for you with new 30, 60 and 90 day workout plans. Get the app upgrade, answer a few questions and take the brief fit test. Pick your days, your duration and your intensity. Developed by fitness professionals, coaches and physical therapists, SmartLink uses interval training and progression metrics to custom-design a workout plan that meets your needs.

The app coaches you through workouts with onscreen video, recalibrates mid-plan to ensure that you are on track, populates your calendar with workouts and tracks your progress so you can easily see how far you’ve come.  And the social media links make it simple to share your success!

SmartLink does the thinking, and you do the sweating. Never wonder what workout to do again – let SmartLink optimize your time and maximize your results. And benefit from endless workouts and variety with simple app updates.

More than just a workout app, SmartLink is your trainer and partner. Your elliptical workouts will never be routine again!

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