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Try an Elliptical Bike

products_slideshow__xr4_advanced-trainingHave you heard of an elliptical bike? These newer machines are more formally known as recumbent, or seated ellipticals, and they basically offer all the advantages of standing elliptical machines in a seated position. They are great for a low-impact, effective way to train your entire body.

With its innovative xRide, Octane Fitness developed the recumbent elliptical category. You can find these cool machines at health clubs worldwide, or you can get one for home. Because they are quiet, it’s easy to watch TV or read using the convenient reading rack. » Read Full Story

How to Lose Weight with An Elliptical Machine

lose weight

Let’s face it, losing weight is hard work. There are no long-term effective shortcuts; successful weight loss is a series of consistent steps, day by day. It’s a simple equation that calories ingested must be less than calories expended, but the process itself takes discipline, willpower and commitment – whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 50.

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Manage Stress

manage stressKeep Calm and Exercise – Today, it seems like most everyone needs help managing ever-present stress. We’re connected 24/7, overscheduled, multitasking to the max, poorly nourished and chronically exhausted.

Exercise is actually a great way to manage stress, as it helps your body process all that extra adrenaline and cortisol – hormones that contribute to that overwhelmed, anxious feeling. Although you may feel like finding time to exercise simply will give you more stress, know that workouts don’t all have to be lengthy to be effective. Even short sessions help diffuse tension and deliver more energy. » Read Full Story