2014 Octane ELITE



Congratulations to everyone who qualified to be an Octane ELITE member for 2014. The following people sold a minimum of 60 Octane Fitness ellipticals during the 2013 calendar year to earn the Octane ELITE status.


2014 Octane ELITE Members:

ELITE Rep Store State
Andrew Patzius 2nd Wind MO
Gary Zarecki 2nd Wind WI
Steve Seeba 2nd Wind MO
Mike Nichols Fitcorp TX
Chad Lentz 2nd Wind MN
Norm Morrison Gym Source MA
Darren Barany 2nd Wind WI
Andrew Micherdzinski Gym Source NY
Travis Hunt 2nd Wind IA
Bill Rockow 2nd Wind IL
Ron Chesnut Fitness Specialist TX
Ryan Kraft 2nd Wind MN
Rocco Lazaris 2nd Wind WI
Beatrice Klysz Gym Source NJ
Matt Havlicek 2nd Wind IA
Terry Klysz Gym Source NJ
Mike Matous The Treadmill Factory ON
Brad Greguson 2nd Wind SD
Jake Greenberg 2nd Wind MN
Jeff Hahn Northwest Fitness OR
Isaac Nachbar Gym Source NY
Brad Alford Fitcorp TX
Cain Chesnut Fitness Specialist TX
Patty Miranda Gym Source NJ
Mike Lightcap Gym Source NY
Jeff Dennings Fitcorp TX
Kenny Palazola Fitness Expo LA
David Gonsorek 2nd Wind IN
Logan Axne 2nd Wind IA
Jaime Janman At Home Fitness AZ
Jim Janssen Exercise & Leisure OH
James Sucato Gym Source NY
Kim Neziol Homefit ON
Chase Hagen 2nd Wind IA
Natasha Brown Fitcorp TX
Steve McCraw Fitness Unlimited TX
Corey Lynd 2nd Wind WI
Tedd Falk 2nd Wind MN
Sam Robinson Fitcorp TX
Wes Blauberg Gym Source NY

In addition to receiving exclusive Octane Fitness clothing, accessories and luggage, these Octane ELITE members will enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico this April! Once again, congratulations to all the 2014 Octane ELITE. Thank you for the hard work you put in selling Octane Fitness ellipticals in 2013. We’ll see you in Mexico!


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