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Should You Trust Elliptical Reviews?

elliptical reviews


Elliptical reviews can be a helpful tool when navigating the many models available today. You can check magazines like Consumer Reports, Consumers Digest and online resources like for an overview of popular machines. But not all reviews are credible, so how do you know which ones to trust? Find out after the jump.

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What are the best home workouts?

Tproducts_slideshow_crosscircuit_commercial_lateralx_faster-resultshere’s really no such thing as the “best home workouts” that applies to every person. Ultimately, this depends on what you like to do, what equipment you have, the amount of time you can invest and your goals. What is “best” for one person may not be realistic for someone else.

That said, however, elliptical machines really can offer everyone effective workouts. Because they are low-impact and simple to use, ellipticals can benefit virtually every exerciser with their variety of total-body routines. » Read Full Story