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elliptical workouts

products_slideshow_crosscircuit_commercial_standing_advanced-trainingElliptical machines are very popular because they provide low-impact, total-body exercise that virtually anyone can do. But many exercisers tend to perform the same workout repeatedly on ellipticals (or most cardio equipment, for that matter), somewhat mindlessly hitting the manual button and getting moving for 30 minutes.

While any regular exercise routine certainly has value, one of the benefits of the elliptical is that you can vary workouts to help eliminate monotony, boredom or lack of results. You should definitely take advantage of cross training for elliptical workouts. » Read Full Story

Heart Rate Training – Elliptical workout

heart rate trainingEverybody wants results when they exercise. While most people know how to exercise, many may not understand how to work out smart so that they achieve their goals.

In the world of exercise and fitness equipment, a ton of misinformation exists, so it’s easy to see why people get confused about what to do. Some important issues with exercise never change, like there are no real shortcuts and consistency over time is critical. » Read Full Story

Home Gym Workouts

home gym workoutsMany people have New Year’s Resolutions to start exercising and get in shape; and yet, research shows that adherence to exercise programs is typically less than 50% after just 6 weeks! Is there a better way to help well-intentioned people – maybe that’s you – stay true to their goal and experience success in this area?

Basically, you can exercise at a health club or formal program, at home or outside. What works best for one person may not for another – and some people thrive on a combination of all of these. However, home gym workouts do have some distinct advantages that may help keep you motivated: » Read Full Story

Compact Ellipticals

compact ellipticals

Looking for a good fit?  Most of us don’t have a lot of extra open square footage at home, and aren’t fortunate enough to live in a roomy house with its own home gym. Therefore, space is usually a primary concern when determining if you can purchase a piece of fitness equipment and have enough room to actually use it.

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