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Workout Like a Superhero

One of the best parts of hitting the gym is that post-workout feeling of invincibility.  When, for a moment, you actual thinking to yourself “I could bend steal right now” or feeling like the Hulk as you walk to your car. Well now you don’t have to wait until post-workout for that super hero feeling, you can look the part from set 1. » Read Full Story

Burn calories big-time

Most of us know that eating calories is easy, but burning them all off is where the challenge comes in. When your caloric intake exceeds your output, you gain weight. And many people are trying to burn calories to shed these extra pounds.

While our bodies use calories while at rest for basic life functions, and also need calories to digest food, the best method of caloric expenditure is movement. In modern society, we sit way too much and move way too little. Incorporate more movement whenever you can: » Read Full Story

Fitness Tracker Weight Loss Apps Put Data in Your Hands

Losing weight is hard work, and apps can provide convenient, valuable guidance. With so many out there, however, it can be a challenge to know which app to use. In its research, identified the top 10 free apps for weight loss and as a fitness tracker, and we’ve shared them below to get you started researching and deciding which is best for you.


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Best Elliptical Machines

Best-of-the-Best-LogoThere are a lot of elliptical machines out there – both at the gym and for home use. How do you figure out which to use? One way to find the best elliptical machines is not only to research the product, but also check out what others say about it – such as exercisers, health clubs, fitness professionals, athletes and media. » Read Full Story

High-Tech Fitness Trackers to Improve Your Golf Game

Any golfer knows the multiple challenges of the game – the nuances of various holes, courses, clubs and skill. For all the frustrations, there’s nothing like a superb drive, a perfect putt or a birdie – which is what keeps golfers keep coming back day after day.  If you’ve been doing your CROSS CiRCUIT Golf Swing workouts and your game still isn’t what you’d like it to be, these fitness trackers may help do the trick.

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