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Over exercising effects

tiredguyOvercome OvertrainingI realize that the majority of us don’t suffer from overtraining, as most people desperately need to exercise more, not less. However, there are some exercise addicts (I’m one of them) who thrive on movement and endorphins and who struggle to slow down or take a day off.  And competitive athletes can be common victims of overtraining, of course. » Read Full Story

Anti Stress Techniques

antistressStressbustingIn today’s world, most of us would say that we have too much stress, and this is backed up in the United States in particular by the rising rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and more. Obviously, stress is inevitable, but we can learn ways to better manage it so that it doesn’t get the best of us.  Here are a few anti stress techniques that work for me. » Read Full Story

How to stick with a workout plan

calendarStick with It!  Did you know that studies show that 50% of people who begin an exercise program will drop out within the first six weeks? That’s a lot of good intentions just left at the side of the road. And yet, it shows that it is hard for many people to stick to a workout routine, because life is busy, interruptions are constant, we get tired or the kids get sick, the car breaks down, the weather doesn’t cooperate and much more. » Read Full Story

Personal Trainer Experience on the LateralX

LateralXLoving the LateralX – Most of us are creatures of habit, but when it comes to exercise, it is helpful to change our routines and try different workouts. Not only can this spike excitement in our minds, but our bodies definitely benefit from a variety of exercises. When we’re doing something new, our bodies have to continually adapt to different challenges, and we tend to be more focused versus simply going through the motions. » Read Full Story