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Aerobic Circuit Training

Cross Circuit_OctaneFitness_5Hit the Circuit – When you’re really pressed for time and want to squeeze in a workout, aerobic circuit training is a smart choice. One popular type of aerobic circuit training includes alternating intervals of cardio and strength training, and research shows that circuit training offers numerous benefits, given that it simultaneously develops cardiovascular fitness and strength. » Read Full Story

Workout for Busy People

istock_000008190369smallI Don’t Have Time!  People definitely are busier than ever these days, and sometimes, we claim that we don’t have time to exercise. While that really may be true on some jam-packed days, many of us tend to prioritize and spend time on what we really want to do. Let’s face it, people still watch a lot of TV, hang out on Facebook and play games on their phones or iPads. » Read Full Story

Exercise for busy people

exerciseforbusyFinding time to exercise!  With all that we must juggle in today’s fast-paced world, with many of us connected 24/7 and on the go, it can seem tough to find time to exercise for busy people. While it is true that many of us are busier than ever, it comes down to priorities. And if we value our health and fitness, we must make time to take care of it through regular workouts. » Read Full Story

What are the best workouts?

triangleAs a group exercise instructor and personal trainer, I’m often asked by people, “what are the best workouts to get in shape?”  While it’s a simple question, the answer is more multi-faceted. You must first consider your goals, such as weight loss or more endurance or a shorter race time, and then evaluate your options, such as home equipment, a health club membership, a pool, etc. » Read Full Story