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My Octane Story – Andrew D

How I lost weight using my Octane Fitness elliptical machine!

I had always been a larger guy as an adult and through most of my youth. I also have always been lazy when it comes to exercise and really have no interest in sports. For the past 5 years, I traveled for work and flew as much as 175,000 miles in a year and ate business meals all over the world making me an even larger guy. About a year ago, I boarded a flight and the flight attendant handed me a seat belt extension without me asking for it. I glared back and said, “I don’t need this angrily, and the flight attendant apologized but I did need to recline the seat just a hair to get the seat belt on and realized that I had no clue how big I had become. It was a 15 hour flight and when I bent over I blew out the seam in the seat on a pair of 44 inch pants and the rest of the flight flight I wore a blanket over my pants to avoid further embarrassment and decided it was time for a change.

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Make Long Runs Easier

young couple running together

Whether you’re prepping for a marathon or a 10K, long runs will be part of your training routine. If you haven’t logged more than five miles before, distance runs can be incredibly intimidating—and incredibly rewarding. Elite marathon runner Deena Kastor shares her tips for making the most of your miles.

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Comparison: Best Wearable Fitness Trackers

Check out this comparison of this year’s most popular health and fitness gadgets to see how they rate. Bottom line: you can learn a lot from these clever devices, and if you persist in wearing them they can help you fine-tune your activity levels, diet, and sleep strategies.

Nike-Fuelband-blackNike+ FuelBand ($150)

BASICS: This rubber bracelet—perhaps the most sports-oriented of the lot—gives you a rundown of steps and calories burned via flashy LED readouts and a single button on the wristband’s front. It pairs with Nike+ Connect software, and the driving stat is an activity-based, Nike-specific currency called NikeFuel.

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My favorite workout program – the 30:30

I’m excited to share with everyone my favorite workout program on my Octane elliptical machine – the 30:30 interval program.  Just like everyone else, sometimes it’s hard to push myself when I’m working out at home.  Sometimes it’s because I’m watching my favorite re-run of Sex in the City and I get distracted or I’m just lazy and don’t want to think about how to push myself on my workout that day.  If I’m having one of those days, I change my program to the 30:30.

It’s simple, I put in my max workout time, max level and I’m off.  It’s an interval program that kicks my butt and I love every minute of it…well, after I’m done anyways!  Check it out below and have fun.

Tips to Run Faster


We all want instant results, but most of us have accepted that change takes time. While you can’t get a six-pack or gain muscle in 5 minutes, you can become a faster runner. So what’s slowing you down? Matthew Uohara, MS, CSCS, from Hale Inu Strength and Conditioning, breaks down three ways you can get faster now.

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Tip to keep you on track with your fitness goal


One of our Fitness Secrets? Pack Your Bags

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to help stay on track for workouts is to pack my gym bag or set out my exercise clothes the night before. Whether I’m going for a run outside, hitting my elliptical machine at home or going to a class at the gym after work, I make sure I have everything I need in one place, from clothes to iPod to shoes. It sounds simple, but having that gear set aside ready to go is not only a visual reminder of my commitment, but it kills any excuses about not being ready to go or not having time to gather up what I need to exercise. » Read Full Story

From weights to elliptical machines, what is the best time of the day to exercise?


Is There a Best Time of Day to Exercise? By Chris Freytag
Whether you lift weights, run, or hit the elliptical machine, what time of the day do you like to work out? And is there a specific reason you choose to exercise at that time? Maybe it’s because you’re a morning person. Maybe you’ve found a fitness class you love that just happens to be in the evening. Or maybe you squeeze exercise into your daily schedule whenever you can. » Read Full Story