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Basic Boot Camp Regimen

Basic Boot Camp RegimenIf you’re exercising at home, or can’t get to the gym, try this basic boot camp regimen to blast calories, build stamina and improve strength. This can be done anywhere that you can find some space – even your backyard.

Before getting started, note:

  • If you have dumbbells, use them for the strength exercises. Or use water bottles or milk jugs filled with water or sand.
  • Challenge yourself and work hard. Boot camp is high-intensity!
  • Modify any exercises as necessary by eliminating impact, slowing your pace or reducing your range of motion.
  • Drink water throughout.

Basic Bootcamp Regimen

Warm up for 3-5 minutes with marches, knee lifts, hamstring curls, step-touches, squats, lunges, twists, lateral bends and more.

This basic bootcamp regimen can be approximately 30 or 50 minutes. For 30 minutes, complete the routine once; for 50 minutes, repeat it. Perform as many reps as you can of each exercise for 30 seconds at high-intensity; rest for 10-15 seconds and do the next exercise. Use the rest period to drink water, towel off and grab or put down dumbbells.

  1. Jog – Jogging in place or forward and back, pressing arms overhead.
  2. Forward alternating lunge – Use dumbbells, holding at hips or shoulders, and step wide.
  3. Jumping jack – Or tap side to side.
  4. Squat – Holding dumbbells at hips or on shoulders, pushing back through hips and heels.
  5. Side leap – Jump, swing arms side to side and land lightly.
  6. Deadlift – Holding dumbbells in front of thighs, hinge forward with flat back, and stand up.
  7. Jump rope – You don’t need a rope here; just simulate the motion.
  8. Wide row – With dumbbells, hinge from hips and pull elbows up and back, retracting shoulder blades and keeping knuckles forward.
  9. Cross country ski – Scissor arms and legs front to back.
  10. Push-up – On knees or toes, with hands wider than shoulders.
  11. Machine gun run – With knees bent and hips low, run fast on balls of feet, taking feet wide and narrow.
  12. Clean and press – Holding dumbbells at thighs, bend elbows to bring weights to chest with palms facing out, then extend arms overhead. Bend elbows and return to chest and thighs.
  13. Mountain climbers – Keep core engaged and hips low, bringing knees to chest and feet off floor.
  14. Biceps curl – In sumo squat, with knees bent and elbows tucked in to torso, curl arms up and down.
  15. Lateral shuffles – Shuffle right and left with quick feet.
  16. Front raise – Standing with feet apart and holding dumbbells, raise arms forward to shoulder height and lower.
  17. High knees – Draw one knee at a time up to chest with rapid pace.
  18. Overhead extension – Bend elbows overhead, with weights together, and extend straight.
  19. Hops – Hop on right foot four times, then left.
  20. Woodchop – Stand with feet apart and one weight in both hands, reach up wide to the right overhead, then swing weight down to left hip, bending knees and squatting. Do for 15 seconds, then switch sides.
  21. Burpees – Drop down, kick legs out, jump knees in and jump upright.
  22. Plank – On knees or toes, hold steady or drop one knee or both down and up.
  23. Squat jumps – Sit back in hips and squat, then jump up and raise one arm or both overhead.
  24. Tuck and extend – Seated with knees bent, lean back slightly and tuck knees to chest and extend out.
  25. Power lunges – Jump into lunge with one leg forward and one leg back; then switch.

Cool down for 3-5 minutes with easy marches and static stretches for the major muscle groups.

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