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EMOM Home Workouts

EMOM Home WorkoutsWith people working from home and gyms closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), for many of us, usual fitness routines have been temporarily halted. However, it’s important for both your physical and mental health to continue exercising.

So make it a priority to keep moving. Use your home fitness equipment, take advantage of streaming workouts that gyms, equipment manufacturers or fitness publications are offering or purchase exercise DVDs.

If weather permits, get outside and bike, walk, hike, run, inline skate, play tennis or whatever you like to do to get your heart rate up and benefit from fresh air and sunshine. Residents of warm climates can even hit the pool for invigorating laps.

Another good option is HIIT routines that follow EMOM, which stands for “every minute on the minute”. The concept here is to perform a prescribed number of repetitions of an exercise at the top of a minute as quickly as possible; then use the remaining time in that minute as recover. At the top of the next minute, you perform the next exercise.

The faster you complete the reps, the more recovery time you have, which is a motivator to work hard and an effective interval training model. As the routine goes on, you likely will fatigue, and it may take you longer to complete the reps, which means that rest time is shorter, and you will be challenged. Always focus on maintaining good form, however, and modify or reduce the reps or weight if necessary.

Regimens can be strictly cardio, all strength or combined cardio-strength, and the reps and duration are up to you. Use your creativity to create your own routines. To get you started, here are some EMOM home workouts that don’t require much equipment or space. Just make sure you have a timer to stay on track.

EMOM Home Workouts

Warm up for 3-5 minutes by marching in place, doing hamstring curls, knee lifts, squats, lunges, step-touches, side bends, heel digs, side taps, arm circles and more to get your blood circulating and your heart rate up. Performing one cycle is 20 minutes; repeating it is 40 minutes. At the end, cool down with small marches, easy step-touches and stretches for the lower back, hamstrings, quads, chest, shoulders and triceps for 3-5 minutes.

All Cardio

20 reps each at the top of each minute; rest and move to next exercise at the start of next minute. Perform one or two cycles.

  1. Knee lifts or high knees
  2. Side leaps
  3. Cross country skis
  4. Lateral shuffles
  5. Jump rope (with or without rope)
  6. Mountain climbers
  7. Jumping jacks
  8. Side taps (high or low)
  9. Burpees
  10. Machine gun run
  11. Plank jacks
  12. Butt kickers
  13. Front-back jumps
  14. Power lunges
  15. Squat jacks
  16. Step-ups (on a stair or low bench)
  17. Twists
  18. Jump squats
  19. Cariocas
  20. Curtsy lunges


20 reps each cardio move and 10 reps each strength move at the top of each minute; rest and move to next exercise at the start of next minute. Use dumbbells for strength exercises. Perform one or two cycles.

  1. Butt kickers
  2. Squats
  3. Jump rope (with or without rope)
  4. Push-ups
  5. High knees
  6. Renegade rows
  7. Jumping jacks
  8. Rear lunges
  9. Cross-country skis
  10. Bicep curls
  11. Machine gun runs
  12. Overhead presses
  13. Side leaps
  14. Triceps kickbacks
  15. Step kick front, tap back
  16. High to low planks
  17. Lateral shuffles
  18. Seated tuck-extend (option to hold one dumbbell)
  19. Squat jumps
  20. Russian twist (with or without one dumbbell)

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