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Why You Should Try the Max Trainer

Why You Should Try the Max TrainerWhile Bowflex’s Max Trainer is a huge hit in home gyms, did you know that Octane Fitness now makes the MTX and MT8000 Max Trainer models for health clubs and fitness facilities? These machines have been winning fans fast, not only because of the simple design and intuitive movement patterns, but also because they are low-impact but can be very high intensity. That means you can work hard enough to enjoy results, but without all the pounding on the joints that can lead to discomfort and fatigue.

Plus, let’s face it. You probably can benefit from greater variety in your workout routine, where its easy to habitually repeat the same exercises over and over. If you’ve hit a plateau, or your motivation is flagging, the Max Trainer can spark new life into your regimen, which then can kick start results and adherence.

With that, here are the top 10 reasons why you should try the Max Trainer. While we may be a bit biased, of course, these are rock-solid reasons to get moving on a fun machine at the gym.

Why You Should Try the Max Trainer

  1. Simple to use: Just get on and go, without having to figure out multiple adjustments or wade through complicated settings or programming. One size fits shorter to taller exercisers, and you won’t waste time getting started. Simply follow the intuitive pedal-push-pull motion.
  2. Virtually unlimited resistance: With its dual fan and brake resistance, the Max Trainer provides a wide range of resistance to accommodate all exercisers and everything from sprints to cooldowns.
  3. Total-body workout: Maximize your ROI by working the upper and lower body simultaneously so you hit more muscle groups than you do on a treadmill, stairclimber or stationary bike.
  4. Ultimate HIIT efficiency: Nothing beats the Max 14 Interval workout, where you take on 25-second rigorous intervals, followed by 80-second recovery periods, that deliver challenge, stimulate progress and fuel exhilaration – all in just 14 short minutes!
  5. Progressive challenge: On the MT8000, you can build endurance by climbing the Empire State Building, over and over again. Choose from 100 to 1000 floors, and witness your progress, story by story, for a steady-state routine that yields a powerful sense of accomplishment and desire to beat your previous performance.
  6. Cardio & strength: With Octane’s unique CROSS CiRCUIT program on the MT8000, you benefit from combined intervals of cardio on the Max Trainer and strength training exercises next to the machine. Use body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and more, and follow the video coaching on the smart console. Choose from Total-Body Blast, Upper-Body Blast, Lower-Body Blast and Core.
  7. Quick fitness assessment: Only on Octane Fitness machines, the innovative 30:30 regimen uses intense intervals and recovery periods to measure your heart rate recovery (HRR). HRR is a good indicator of cardiovascular fitness, so you can conveniently measure progress by periodically repeating the 30:30 program.
  8. Dynamic calorie meter: Maintain motivation overload by watching real-time feedback on the engaging calorie meter that displays your current output, as well as your best sprint effort, to keep you pushing hard.
  9. Engaging entertainment: The MT8000 is equipped with Octane’s smart console, a 10-inch deluxe touch screen display that provides multiple entertainment options, Internet access, mobile device charging and more.
  10. Ergonomic handlebars: The curved handles on the MTX, along with the MultiGrip handles on the MT8000, more effectively activate the upper body muscles and add variety with different grips while comfortably accommodating exercisers of different sizes.

And ultimately, the best reason why you should try the Max Trainer? It’s new, fun and different, and may just become a favorite. Why not?

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