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New Workouts with Less Impact: the ElliptiGO and Zero Runner

New Workouts with Less ImpactWhile HIIT is keeping many of us fit, the reality is that the repetitive impact and pounding can be tough for the body to tolerate, week after week, particularly for exercisers over age 40.

New Workouts with Less Impact

The good news is that you can still perform HIIT, or even steady-state routines, without all that jarring to the joints. For fun new workouts with less impact, try the ElliptiGO and Zero Runner.


The elliptical remains a constant favorite for cardio workouts at home or at the gym because it offers multiple benefits. It’s low-impact, total-body, easy to master and accommodating for beginners to athletes. And Octane Fitness has extended this popular category to include lateral elliptical trainers, recumbent ellipticals and cross trainers, providing more variety and motivation.

For those who love to exercise outdoors, and who prefer an alternative to walking, running or cycling, the one-of-a-kind ElliptiGO brings elliptical workouts outside. The company calls the exercise stand-up cycling, and makes several models with various stride lengths from shorter cycling to the longer elliptical motion.

The ElliptiGO attracts fans because it’s gentle on the joints, reduces stress on the back and neck and engages the entire body. Plus, due to the standing position, wind resistance and changes in terrain, the core has to work hard to keep you stable. And, according to the company, the ElliptiGO burns more calories than a traditional bicycle and is has similar cardiovascular and metabolic demands as running.

But the biggest attraction is that it’s fun – you’re outside and cruising along like you’re running on air. It’s a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout! The ElliptiGO is ideal for runners, cyclists and exercisers looking for new workouts with less impact.

You can test-ride the ElliptiGO by searching for nearby dealers on the company’s web site; bring your bike helmet or borrow one of theirs. And you can purchase the products at the dealer or online.

Zero Runner

Adding to the fun new workouts with less impact is the Octane Zero Runner, which replicates real walking and running motion, but eliminates the stressful pounding. Using independent pedals and unique hip and knee joints, the machine suspends your body while you follow your natural pace and gait, up to 58 inches. Yet another way to run on air!

Unlike the treadmill, on the Zero Runner, you’re not subject to repetitive impact, nor must you deal with the stride changes imposed by managing a moving belt. The Zero Runner also better activates the posterior chain of muscles, including the glutes and hamstrings, with a full heel kick, similar to how you jog or run outside.

With models available at gyms and for homes, the Zero Runner is a great way for beginners to start to run, or former, aging or injured runners to resume this activity. And recreational and competitive runners benefit from this tool for supplemental miles, active recovery and impact management.

With the Octane Fitness app on the home units, or the smart console on the commercial Zero Runner machines, users can access dual stride tracing technology. This enables them to monitor the health of their stride, including stride length and heel kick height, throughout workouts to ensure consistent form and correct potential imbalances.

Each unit comes with several programs, and on some models, users can adjust the resistance level for greater challenges, like taking on hills. You can buy a Zero Runner at authorized specialty fitness retailers or online.

Whether you’re training indoors or outside, take advantage of these great new workouts with less stress, and hop on the ElliptiGO and Zero Runner. Your body will thank you!

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