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New Max Trainer Invigorates Cardio Floors at Gyms

new max trainerConsistent workouts are an awesome accomplishment, but sometimes we can fall into habitual routines at the gym and zone out, rather than giving it our all, during workouts. Sound familiar?

How about a fun new option on the cardio floor? The new MT8000 Max Trainer from Octane Fitness is hitting gyms across the country. It’s a great way to add variety to your regimen, incorporate more cross training and boost your motivation.

 New Max Trainer Invigorates Cardio Floors at Gyms

You may have heard of the Max Trainer from Bowflex’s ultra-popular home machine, which fuels thousands of workouts daily. Last year, Octane Fitness adopted the Max Trainer (MTX) for commercial use at gyms, designing it as an ideal complement to functional and circuit workouts. Easy to get on and off, and with no adjustments required, this MTX fits into any HIIT plan, as exercisers simply get on and go.

Equipped with a fan and manual brake, the MTX offers instant resistance changes in response to the exerciser’s efforts, so workouts are efficient and effective. The trademark 14-minute Max Interval routine demands 25 seconds of all-out effort, followed by 80 seconds of recovery, for a total of eight rigorous rounds. Exercisers get on, get going and get done fast – making it a valuable option for time-crunched individuals.

MT8000 Fuels All Workouts

And now, every exerciser can use Octane’s new MT8000 for any type of cardio workout. Built specifically for the cardio floor, the MT8000 delivers low-impact, total-body workouts, offering 10 resistance levels to accommodate beginners to athletes.

Like the MTX, it’s easy-on and easy-off the MT8000, with no adjustments to the machine necessary. Exercisers can choose from multiple programs, including the 14-minute Max Interval blast or the new Floors program.

Here’s your chance to climb the Empire State Building – once or several times – choosing from 100-1000 floors as your goal. Watch the console as you conquer each floor, and keep an eye on your real-time workout stats, while you build endurance and finish with a major sense of accomplishment! This is steady-state cardio at its best. Other program options include Quick Start, Manual and Interval.

Or, if you are up for a big-time challenge, take on Octane’s signature 30:30 or MMA routines. Only available on Octane Fitness machines, the innovative 30:30 combines intense intervals with recovery periods, measuring your heart rate recovery (HRR). HRR is a good indicator of cardiovascular fitness, so you should repeat the 30:30 program periodically to measure progress.

The MMA program is a battle of strength and power between you and the machine, which challenges you to “punch and move” and “throw it,” while the machine “fights back” with greater resistance for an exhilarating competition.

And for maximum multi-tasking, take advantage of the CROSS CiRCUIT workouts, which blend cardio intervals on the MT8000 with strength training exercises on the floor next to the machine. Choose from Total-Body Blast, Lower-Body Blast, Core and more, and the console provides video coaching to keep you on track and motivated throughout.

Premium User Experience

Whether you prefer HIIT or steady-state cardio workouts, or want to vary between the two, the MT800 delivers. The biggest difference between the new model and the MTX is the premium smart console, which offers exercisers an immersive, interactive experience. Console features include:

  • 10” LCD touchscreen that highlights multiple metrics to encourage exercisers to put forth their best effort
  • Internet browser, application access, video streaming for the ultimate entertainment
  • Dynamic calorie meter that drives greater intensity and encourages progress
  • Optional personal viewing screen or 900 Mhz wireless receiver for a multitude of television and entertainment selections in a fully integrated solution with keypad controls
  • Custom entertainment options

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