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Zero Runner Not Just for Runners

zero runnerWhen it comes to running, it seems like you are either a runner or you’re not a runner. All in or all out. Nothing in between.

But the reality is that people might run sometimes, but not every day, and not in races and not even always seeking a PR. Others may not run, but try to jog, and very infrequently, because they feel like they’re too out of shape, or it is too painful.

However, we have good news! The unique Zero Runner accommodates everyone – from hardcore, competitive runners; to occasional runners; to never-before runners. The Zero Runner is not just for runners or intense athletes, but was designed to allow virtually anyone to run – particularly those who thought they couldn’t run ever or again. It’s an entirely new modality that makes running more accessible to everyone. There’s nothing quite like it.

What is the Zero Runner?

Octane Fitness spent years studying kinesiology and kinematics on its quest to invent a new way to run – with all the benefits but without all the repetitive impact that can break down the body, cause fatigue and lead to injuries over time. No easy task, developing the Zero Runner was a huge achievement. It’s not just another elliptical, cross trainer or treadmill.

The patented design of the Zero Runner includes independent hip and knee joints that enable exercisers to replicate their natural walking, jogging or running gait – just like they use outside. By suspending the body, the Zero Runner frames your physique and protects your joints – supporting stride lengths up to 58 inches and a heel height up to 20 inches. You define your speed and range of motion – again, just like outside.

With stride tracing technology, users can analyze their stride and form, and adjust accordingly throughout runs. Plus, the free Octane Fitness app provides multiple workouts for getting started running, recovery days and race prep, among others. And CROSS CiRCUIT makes cross training convenient by guiding users through intervals of cardio on the Zero Runner combined with strength training exercise periods.

Clearly, the Zero Runner is a great tool for runners seeking to better manage impact while still logging miles. But it’s also ideal for a variety of other audiences that are not runners.

Not Just for Runners

  1. Beginning exercisers – Those who have been inactive and want to start/resume exercise can benefit from the weight-bearing, total-body, non-impact routines on the Zero Runner.
  2. Older populations – Individuals who cannot tolerate excessive impact, such as those who just had a hip or knee replacement, and still want to perform weight-bearing activity.
  3. Afflicted – People with joint issues or arthritis can benefit from comfortable workouts without jarring impact on the Zero Runner.
  4. Overweight – The Zero Runner accommodates users up to 400 pounds, enabling them to walk without excessive strain on their bodies.
  5. Injured – Depending on the injury, and with a physician’s or physical therapist’s approval, the Zero Runner can be an ideal method to facilitate rehabilitation.
  6. Athletes – Those who want to strengthen their posterior chain (lower back, hamstrings and glutes), along with their core, with zero impact; and the Zero Runner is a great option for warm-ups and cooldowns during strength and conditioning sessions.
  7. All exercisers – Anyone who exercises can take advantage of the Zero Runner for valuable cross training benefits, new challenges and variety.

Don’t let the name intimidate you. Available in health clubs and for homes worldwide, the one-of-a-kind Zero Runner works for everyone at every pace – walking, jogging and running – engaging the entire body without repetitive stress. As such, it’s an unbeatable complement to any workout regimen.

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