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New HIIT Workouts

hiit workoutsWhen it comes to HIIT workouts, a virtually infinite variety of options exists, which can help keep you motivated and sticking to regular exercise. Plus, HIIT can drive results, such as cardiovascular endurance, decreased body fat and a higher metabolism.

HIIT sessions can be all cardio, all strength or combined cardio and strength. And now there’s a great new way perform HIIT at the gym or at home. The Octane Fitness Max Trainer is a unique total-body machine that maximizes your efforts with all-out workouts. It’s definitely in a class of its own.

New HIIT Workouts

Here’s what you need to know about this new way to HIIT:

  • On the Max Trainer, you climb, push and pull – a lot. Fast and furious if you’re taking on HIIT. The unique combination of a fan and a magnetic brake means that you aren’t limited in intensity. You can slow down during recovery and then max your pace during the work intervals.

The machine totally adjusts to your efforts, so you benefit from customized, virtually endless intensity, and 10 resistance levels, throughout workouts. That means anyone – from beginners to athletes – can use the Max Trainer and get results.

  • What you don’t get on the Max Trainer is a lot of jarring and pounding on the joints and bones. Because this is a zero-impact machine, you can work hard without totally beating up your body. And that’s a great way to better balance all the high-impact work you do in other HIIT routines. With a stride length of 14” and a stride height of 9”, the Max Trainer’s motion is natural and comfortable.
  • We love this machine because it’s simple to use – just get on and go. There are no time-consuming adjustments or a complicated console to program. All you do is climb, push and pull – until you’re done. Quick and intuitive – just like workouts should be.
  • The best HIIT routines target the entire body, and lots of muscles. So skip the treadmill or stationary bike, which only work your legs, and hit the Max Trainer instead to also engage your chest, back, shoulders and arms. More muscles worked = greater effort = better results.
  • One of the best HIIT workouts available today is the Max 14 Interval program, which optimizes ROI big-time. This ultra-efficient routine — just 14 minutes — has you working as hard as you can for 25 seconds, followed by 80 seconds of recovery – for a total of eight heart-pumping rounds. Tough but doable. Challenging but possible. Intense but invigorating. You benefit from increased stamina, higher metabolism and greater calorie and fat burn.
  • Another HIIT option is Octane’s signature CROSS CiRCUIT program, which combines intense cardio intervals on the Max Trainer with strength training exercises on the floor. Exercisers can use PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells, Octane’s Powerbands, body weight or other tools to perform a variety of exercises that build muscular strength and endurance.

Add other accessories for even more novelty and challenge, including medicine balls, gliding disks, a stability ball and more. You also can vary the exercises as well as the duration of the cardio and strength intervals.

  • For addictive motivation, check out the digital calorie burn meter for an up-to-the-second display of calories burned per minute. You can watch your progress in real-time and give it your best shot in trying to bury the needle.
  • Additional options for HIIT include the Interval and Manual programs, where you dictate the intensity and duration of your intervals, along with your entire workout time.
  • Bonus: The Max Trainer is self-powered and compact, and fits in virtually any area at home.

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