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Workout Variety: Try a New Ride

workout varietyWhile all of us have our favorite ways to work out, it’s beneficial to shake things up periodically. Even if you love to run, hitting the same route day after day can get monotonous. It’s easy to go on autopilot without even realizing it when we mindlessly slog through the same routine.

Incorporating some workout variety can help you stay motivated and progressing. That means trying some new workouts, getting on an unfamiliar machine at the gym or venturing into a different class. Your body and your mind likely will be challenged in new ways, and you’ll add to your options on your workout menu.

When it comes to new machines, have you tried the recumbent elliptical? It’s not a seated stepper or a recumbent bike, but is a real elliptical with a seat. The Octane Fitness xRide recumbent elliptical, available in health clubs and for homes worldwide, is an effective way to get total-body cardio and muscular endurance benefits without high-impact stress.

And just because it has a seat, don’t think that it’s only for beginners. With 20 resistance levels, the xRide accommodates those new to exercise, but it also offers big-time intensity to push even the most conditioned athletes. And it’s one of the most effective seated modalities – delivering more glute work and a greater calorie burn than recumbent bikes, thanks to innovative PowerStroke technology.

Below are some ways to add workout variety on the unique xRide!

Workout Variety: xRide Recumbent Elliptical

  1. Manual – If you like to be in total control, or just want to get used to the machine, the Manual workout puts you in the driver’s seat, where you determine workout duration and resistance level. Maintain steady-state cardio, or manually adjust resistance at any time for custom interval training. Just get on and go!
  2. Random – Let go of the reins and let the machine do the thinking. After a three-minute warm-up, you get one-minute intervals of varying intensity, alternating between higher and lower resistance levels. No two workouts are the same here!
  3. Interval – Here, you set your course, determining the duration and intensity level of up to four alternating intervals that can repeat throughout the session.
  4. Calorie goal – Specify how many calories you want to burn and get going. You can adjust the resistance level throughout the program to control when you hit your goal.
  5. Distance goal – Complete a virtual 10K (6.2 miles), as the xRide gradually adjusts resistance to simulate outdoor terrain, such as going up and down hills. You also can modify the resistance level any time.
  6. Fat Burn – This interactive heart rate routine keeps you at 65% of your theoretical maximal heart rate (220-your age), or you can specify your heart rate, and the machine adjusts resistance automatically to keep you there during the entire workout.
  7. Heart Rate Interval – You specify the duration and target heart rate of up to four repeating intervals, and the xRide adjusts resistance to ensure that you hit those targets.
  8. 30:30 – Take on a rigorous sweat session with five sets of 30-second sprint and recovery intervals, where the program monitors heart rate and calculates the average minimum and average maximum heart rates and heart rate recovery, a relative indicator of fitness level.
  9. Workout Boosters – Unique to Octane Fitness, these add fun interval training to any routine, with cross-training commands in X-Mode, and muscular endurance training in Chest Press and Leg Press.
  10. SmartLink – SmartLink is a free app that provides virtual personal training, with customized regimens that are designed to get you to your goals, such as losing weight, toning up and improving athletic performance.


Learn more about adding workout variety with the xRide in the video below!

xRide Recumbent Ellipticals

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