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How to Get the Most Out of Elliptical Workouts

How to Get the Most Out of Elliptical WorkoutsIf you are an elliptical user – at home or at the gym – you’ve made a great choice for workouts that are efficient and effective. And while it’s fine to have your favorite workouts, exercisers sometimes get into ruts by automatically repeating the same routine, week after week. Not only can being a creature of habit sap your motivation, but also can diminish your results. Varying workouts leads to better overall conditioning and adherence. So we’ve put together some tips to show you how to get the most out of elliptical workouts.

Simple ways to change workouts are to decrease or add time, change resistance levels, adjust your stride length, or pedal backwards. Or change programs. Don’t just hit Quick Start or Manual all the time, but instead take advantage of different pre-programmed workouts. If you are using an Octane Fitness elliptical, you can capitalize on several different choices that will keep you engaged and challenged for maximum ROI.

How to Get the Most Out of Elliptical Workouts:

  1. Interval training – Choose Random or Interval workouts for a variety of resistance levels, and you’ll benefit from greater caloric expenditure, superior cardio conditioning and a higher metabolism. In Random, the machine automatically varies intensity for each one-minute intervals; and in Interval, you can select different resistance levels and durations. These workouts fly by!
  2. Heart rate interval training – These programs are customized according to your heart rate response, and automatically adjust resistance level to keep you in specific ranges. The Fat Burn regimen holds you at 65% of your maximum heart rate, which is low-intensity, steady state exercise; while Heart Rate Interval lets you choose lower and upper heart rate targets to vary intensity throughout.
  3. Goal-based – Octane ellipticals let you pick distance goals, like simulating a 10K with varying resistance; or calorie targets, where you press on until you burn the designated number of calories. These are targeted routines that foster a satisfying sense of accomplishment.
  4. HIIT – Interval training is great, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is even better to challenge your body and deliver results. Try the rigorous 30:30 program, exclusive to Octane, where you tackle five sets of sprints and recovery periods, and measure your heart rate recovery as an indicator of your fitness level. Or channel your inner fighter with MMA, where the machine changes resistance and prompts you to “punch and move,” and “throw it,” during five fight and recovery periods.
  5. Workout Boosters – Take on X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster to ramp up cross training with one-minute bursts instructing you to squat, lean back, go in reverse and more. You can vary your elliptical workouts, target various body parts and add these Boosters to any workout routine at any time for exceptional effectiveness.
  6. CROSS CiRCUIT – Octane’s exclusive CROSS CiRCUIT combines cardio intervals with strength training exercises that use body weight, dumbbells and Octane’s Powerbands as a way to multi-task for maximum efficiency and generate better results from endurance and strength challenges. Endless variety keeps you progressing here.
  7. SmartLinkOctane’s free SmartLink app serves as your own virtual personal trainer. You set a goal and a timeframe for an exercise regimen, and the app customizes a 30-, 60, or 90-day workout program designed to get you there. Benefit from flexibility and potential adjustments along the way to help ensure that you keep making progress. Plus, SmartLink offers more than 35 pre-set workout plans to lose weight, tone up, feel better and improve athletic performance, and includes instructional videos to show proper execution of more than 225 exercises.

To stay motivated for consistent workouts, be willing to try new programs and features and get more out of your elliptical!

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