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Functional Training on Max Trainer and AirdyneX

functional-trainingFunctional training has been a buzz word for some time now. Essentially, it means to exercise in a way that simulates everyday life activities. That typically means working multiple muscle groups at one time – focusing on dynamic, compound movements versus isolated, single muscle exercises.

For instance, performing a biceps curl while seated on a selectorized machine is a specific, single-muscle exercise. And while it is good to work the biceps, this exercise isn’t very functional, because we generally don’t sit in a chair and do biceps curls in daily life. A way to make it more functional is to add a squat and use dumbbells to perform the biceps curl with the squat. This is similar to what you do when you pick up a laundry basket, box or toddler from the floor.

While functional training is great, traditional training is still valuable, and varying workouts is an effective way to make progress and see results.

Functional strength training is one type of workout, but what if you want to get in cardio as well? Here are a few options to mix up your sessions and try functional training on the Max Trainer and AirdyneX.

Functional Training on Max Trainer


The new Max Trainer from Octane Fitness delivers total-body, high-intensity, low-impact workouts that can boost stamina and torch calories. Its unique 14-minute HIIT Max Interval workout alternates eight cycles of high-intensity effort with lower-intensity recovery so you can push yourself hard and see results.

Other programs, such as manual and interval, add variety and motivation, and 10 resistance levels offer a range of intensity. While climbing, in and of itself, is a functional movement, you can make Max Trainer workouts even more functional by capitalizing on the CROSS CiRCUIT program. Unique to Octane, CROSS CiRCUIT combines cardio intervals with strength-training exercises, resulting in more effectiveness and efficiency.

Pick from a variety of routines, or customize your own to work on specific areas, like legs, for instance. You determine the length of the intervals and can change the order of the exercises. Plus, mix up workouts with different accessories, such as a BOSU Balance Trainer, medicine ball, kettlebells and more.

It’s easy to train functionally with CROSS CiRCUIT, either following pre-prescribed exercises with compound movements, or developing your own exercises, such as walking lunges with lateral raises, deadlifts with rows and planks with push-ups.

The Max Trainer is easily integrated into small group functional training, circuit workouts or individual personal training sessions, as you can get on and get going immediately. As part of a larger routine, it’s another great way to challenge your body.

Functional Training on AirdyneX

airdynex-lineAlso from Octane Fitness, the AirdyneX is a total-body air bike that uses unlimited wind resistance with a 26-blade performance fan and a single-stage belt drive that enable you to maximize your power. The bike responds instantly to your efforts, so you can incorporate custom intervals or go all-out at any time.

That means that interval training is easy on the bike, by simply sprinting and recovering at any time during workouts. Multiple interval programs facilitate HIIT, or you can aim for a target of calories, miles and more with goal programs. Also, improve your stamina by trying to bury the needle on the tachometer on the console.

Use the stationary foot pegs periodically to isolate the upper body muscles, and take advantage of the MultiGrip handlebars to vary hand placement to target different muscles. The AirdyneX is also ideal for SGT and circuit workouts.

Both the Max Trainer and the AirdyneX are intuitive to use, don’t require multiple adjustments or complicated programming and accommodate beginners to athletes.


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