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Workout Smarter with SmartLink™

smartlinkWhile most exercisers understand the value of working out harder, longer or more often, they don’t always know how to work out smarter. Exercising smarter doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to endure lengthy grueling sweat sessions day after day, week after week.

It means creating a workout plan that is purposefully designed and progressed to get you to your goals. Working out smarter encompasses routines that are challenging, motivating and rewarding – all based on the results you seek and the realistic commitment you can make.

Sounds like you might need to hire a trainer to develop a smart regimen, right? Not necessarily. With today’s technology, you can immediately access exercise intelligence via apps, web sites, streaming workouts, online programs and more. If you own an Octane Fitness machine, you get a bonus! Take advantage of the free SmartLink app, available for iOS or Android devices*.

Designed to function like a virtual personal trainer, SmartLink wirelessly connects to and controls your Octane machine from your mobile phone (iOS only, not compatible with Android phones) or tablet. It works with the Q37xi, Q47xi, xR6i, ZR7 and ZR8 home models.

Enter your personal information, including age, weight and favorite workout; then identify your goal. On the standing and recumbent ellipticals, choose from Lose Weight, Feel Better, Get Stronger or improve Athletic Performance. And on the Zero Runner, select Endurance, Strength or Active Recovery.

SmartLink offers multiple workouts designed specifically for each of these goals, created with input from fitness professionals, athletic coaches and physical therapists to stimulate progress and performance. Simply pick from the options and get going. No more guesswork, deciphering complex programs or unproductive routines.

Longer-term, SmartLink can customize your own 30-, 60- or 90-day workout programs – all developed based on your goal and ultimate success. Programs begin with easier, shorter sessions and increase challenges and duration as your fitness improves. If you miss a day or two, or get temporarily sidetracked, SmartLink recalibrates along the way as necessary to ensure that you keep striving and making progress.

For greater effectiveness and efficiency, Octane’s exclusive CROSS CiRCUIT® (not available on xRide® recumbent elliptical) combines cardio, strength and flexibility sessions in one session. Exercisers complete cardio intervals on the machine and perform strength-training or flexibility work adjacent to the elliptical – choosing from 35 pre-programmed sessions. SmartLink provides instructional videos that demonstrate proper form and deliver instructions for more than 225 strength training and flexibility exercises.

With SmartLink, Octane’s signature Workout Boosters, such as X-Mode and ArmBlaster, come to life via interactive videos as well, making it easier to stay motivated and maintain proper form.

Zero Runner users can capitalize on innovative stride tracing technology via SmartLink that equips them to monitor and analyze their gait and adjust their form as necessary to ensure consistency for better performance.

As for workout tracking, SmartLink automatically stores all sweat session details to chronicle your progress since day one. You also can add input from any other workout sessions that you completed apart from Octane routines to get a comprehensive picture. And easily share your success using social network links.

Plus, because Octane continues to load new workouts, your options over time are virtually endless!

SmartLink does the thinking; and you do the sweating. The value of smarter workouts is that you are intentionally pursuing a goal (or two), and are following a specific program designed to get you there. No need to worry about what you should do, how many days to work out, at what intensity and for how long. SmartLink’s direction enhances motivation and adherence, which can drive results.

Download this valuable app today and workout smarter with SmartLink!

30-, 60-, and 90-Day Workout Plans with SmartLink


CROSS CiRCUIT Workouts with SmartLink


* SmartLink is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0; 3rd generation iPad or later (including all iPad minis); iPhone 5 or later; iPod Touch 5th generation or later; running iOS 8.0 or later. Android Tablets running Android OS 5.0 or later, 1 GB of RAM (not compatible with Android phones)

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