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What is the Commercial Max Trainer?

max trainerLooking for a new way to exercise? Good news – the new Max Trainer from Octane Fitness is making its way into fitness facilities across the United States, giving you an exciting, highly efficient, effective workout option.

In a class of its own at the gym, this total-body hybrid climber is designed to build stamina, boost metabolism and burn fat. It’s all about working hard and pushing yourself to excel and progress – one workout at a time – whether you’re on the cardio floor, in a functional training session or completing a circuit workout. And even though you are bringing your best, there’s no jarring on the joints in this low-impact regimen.

The innovative 14-minute Max Interval workout is the best of HIIT, with eight cycles of 25 seconds of high-intensity effort, followed by 80 seconds of lower-intensity recovery. Research shows that Max Interval workout users may burn up to 43 percent more calories than those using a rower, and up to 26 percent more calories than those using a standing elliptical, both at a self-pace.* To expend the same number of calories as the 14-minute Max Interval program, you’d have to exercise on average for approximately 37% longer on the rower and 23% longer on the elliptical.

Now, there is no need to slog away on a machine for long sessions on the cardio floor to get results. Studies have shown that HIIT can increase caloric expenditure, boost cardiovascular endurance, burn fat and stimulate a higher metabolism for hours after workout sessions due to post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This “afterburn effect” is a great way to improve your overall caloric expenditure and help achieve your goals faster.

What’s great is the Max Trainer motivates you to make the most of your workout, so that you can get on, get going and get it done – and then get out the door! It includes multiple thoughtful features that maximize the benefits of your sweat sessions.

Max Trainer Features:

  • Intuitive – Anyone can instantly understand the natural motion of the Max Trainer, and there’s no need to punch a bunch of buttons on the console or figure out complicated adjustments. Just step up and move your arms and legs – and you’re off!
  • Accommodating – You don’t have to be an elite athlete to use this machine, and its 10 resistance levels respond to your input. So feel free to take it at your pace – and then watch yourself improve over time.
  • Instant resistance changes – With 10 levels of progressive resistance via a high-velocity fan and a magnetic brake, the Max Trainer responds immediately to your efforts. That means there’s no ramp-up time during functional or circuit workouts where your heart rate can drop.
  • Addictive motivation – Just try not to bury the needle on the in-your-face calorie meter on the console, displaying in real-time your calories burned per minute. This simple feedback tool drives exercisers to blow through perceived limits and surprise themselves!
  • Ergonomic handlebars – Dual hand grips better engage the upper body so that the arms don’t simply go along for the ride and every muscle has to work.
  • Multiple workouts – Beyond the compelling Max Interval routine, you can take on a manual or standard interval program to vary the challenges on your body.
  • CROSS CiRCUIT – Add yet another dimension to your Max Trainer workout with Octane’s signature CROSS CiRCUIT program, which combines cardio intervals on the machine with strength-training exercises for superior conditioning and high-energy output.
  • Simple console – At a glance, it’s easy to track time, distance, pace and total calories, so you always know your status and can make instant intensity adjustments within exercise sessions to meet your goals.

Keep an eye out for the commercial Max Trainer coming soon to a fitness facility near you!

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