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My Zero Runner Story: Jeffrey Wilson

My Zero Runner StoryGrowing up with a father that ran in two Boston Marathons, Jeffrey always dreamed of running. However, that dream seemed like it would not be achieved as he had hoped for when a knee injury made it impossible. His plans for running pain free seemed like they would never happen, until one day when he learned about the Zero Runner.

My Zero Runner Story: I’ve always wanted to run. My dad started running at age 39 and ran two Boston Marathons. The second was around 1970 when the marathon hit an amazing number of runners, 1000. Fewer people ran back then. I injured my knee prior to the arthroscopy era and had open surgery in 1975 with a postop joint infection which left me bone on bone and no hope of ever running again. So I swam and used ellipticals knowing running would never be an option.

I finally had a total knee replacement 9 years ago and my world opened up a bit more letting me bike again. But I always wanted to run. A little more than 2 years ago I went into Gym Source in Newton, MA and Norman, the manager told me about this machine, the zero runner. I tried it. The motion seemed so odd. And I thought about it and went back two more times, each time I “ran” on it for about 10 minutes. The motion began to be more natural and I decided to buy one. It’s perhaps the best fitness decisions I ever made. I brought it home and started slowly. Since that time I’ve been on it 2 to 4 times a week usually running 5 to 6 miles at a time. I worked my way from a 10 minute mile to a 6:29 minute mile. Not bad for a 61 year old guy who can’t run. And here’s the thing – I may be inside. I’m not moving forward. But I’m running. I’m really running. With no pain. I can push it. I can elongate my stride, I can jog, I can do whatever I want. I get a great workout, soaked with sweat, and I finish with a smile on my face because I’m running and I have no pain.

For more than 30 years every walking step was painful. To run painlessly and to be pain free when I’m done is beyond comprehension for me. But it’s real, it’s in my basement, and I can do it whenever I want. Thank you Octane for freeing me and giving me back one of my joys in life. – Jeffrey Wilson

Thanks for sharing Jeffrey! Stay Fueled.

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