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Running, Only Better



When it comes to running, people seem to fall into two camps – you either are a runner, or you’re not. Granted, there are a few casual joggers who seem to straddle the line, but most of us fall into one side.



Why is that?

Well, frankly, running is hard work, and some bodies or health conditions simply don’t lend themselves to running. Because it is high-impact, running stresses the joints and bones repetitively, which can be too intolerable for some people.

Others may say that running is boring, or that they aren’t fast enough, or can’t seem to catch their breath. There are multiple reasons why people don’t run, but typically the No. 1 issue is that the relentless impact makes it uncomfortable.

With the new Zero Runner, that excuse has been obliterated. This ingenious machine lets you replicate natural running motion but without any impact.  So you get to run just like you would outside, but supported by independent hip and leg joints that remove the stressful pounding.

Suddenly, running is NOT so uncomfortable. Now you have complete freedom of movement – choosing your own stride and pace – but are suspended to eliminate the impact that causes discomfort, fatigue, compromised form and even injuries over time. The Zero Runner is better than a treadmill, which still subjects the body to impact and requires you to keep up with a moving belt, thereby altering your stride somewhat.

Plus, the Zero Runner also includes stride tracing technology so you can monitor your gait to ensure that it stays consistent throughout runs. And CROSS CiRCUIT lets you combine running with strength training intervals for the ultimate in multitasking workout efficiency.

But the best news is that running no longer is off-limits for many people. The Zero Runner welcomes beginning or former runners, who now can participate safely. For those committed runners, it’s a great option for adding mileage, enjoying running-specific active recovery and incorporating cross training. Ultimately, the Zero Runner has invented zero-impact running that can attract new runners and extend the longevity of diehard runners.

It’s running, only better!

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