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My Zero Runner Story: Hayley H




Over the past three months, Hayley has used the Zero Runner to get back to running while combating arthritis in her hip and knee. Read her Octane Story below.


At Octane Fitness our mission is to create superior zero-impact cardio equipment that customers love and rely on to fuel their lives. And one of the greatest aspects of being in the fitness industry is hearing how customers’ lives have been improved, in any measure, by our products. This week, we received on such story from Hayley H who recently purchased a Zero Runner.


Here is her Zero Runner Story:

I am a 36-years-old female and have arthritis. It affects my hips and knees the most. That said, I’ve continued to run the last several years just taking it easy when I needed to. However, a couple years ago I started having problems with my foot. I trained for and ran a full marathon without much trouble but it was my next half that gave me the problems. Afterwards, I had to back off the running for a while. Several weeks went by and I had to get back outside and run. The pain was immediately back.

I had been looking online for something that I could do which would allow me to run without the impact. I hated treadmills, which left me more sore than ever, and the bicycle just didn’t leave me feeling satisfied that I’d gotten a good workout. I found the information about the Zero Runner and I kept reading it over and over. I located the nearest dealer and went to their store so that I could see it in person and try it out.

Hayley after the 2014 Kansas City Marathon

Hayley after the 2014 Kansas City Marathon

First off, the owner, Mike, was awesome. He answered every single question my husband and I had and he showed me absolutely everything there was to see on the machine. The cost was a little bit concerning as I’ve never spent that much on a machine before. I took the info and went home. Two days later, I called Mike up and made my purchase. Now, almost three months later, I can say this was hands down the best purchase I have ever made.

Hayley at home on her Zero Runner

Hayley at home on her Zero Runner


When I was trying to only run outside through the foot pain, I was lucky if I was getting 5-8 miles in through the whole week. Now, I’m running over 30 again. No pain anywhere. Not in my feet, my hips, my knees, not anywhere. I knew that when I was first starting, I worried about whether I could transition easily from running on the Zero Runner to running outside. I’m not a fast runner at all. Never have been. The first couple months on the ZR7, I was consistently doing between an 11 and 12 minute mile. Just two months after working out on the machine, I did a 5K. I ran a PR of 28 minutes and was not struggling at all. That to me was when I knew that the transitioning was not going to be a problem at all.

This machine has been nothing short of a miracle for me. Now on the days I run outside, I don’t have the pain either. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is injury prone or just wants a way to add in more miles without the pounding. Thank you, Octane Fitness, for creating this amazing piece of fitness equipment.




Thanks again to Hayley for taking the time to share her Octane Story with us. If Octane Fitness products have helped you Fuel Your Life submit your Octane Story online.


UPDATE: In February 2016 we asked Zero Runner owners to submit a video telling us what makes them a Zero Runner and Hayley’s video was the first video we received! Take a look below and find out why Hayley is proud to say “I am a Zero Runner.”

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