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Cross Training for Long Distance Runners

cross training


Marathoners and long distance runners typically prefer running over any other workout, since that is how they feel that they can best improve their performance in races. Recent research has shown that runners also benefit from cross training.



Cross training, allows runners to mix up workouts and include other modalities, such as an elliptical, stationary bike, weight training, flexibility exercises and more.

For marathoners, of course, putting in the miles is essential, so their training will necessitate a lot of running. But they can address weak lengths and improve strength and muscular balance through cross training, ideally once or twice each week. Cross training also provides valuable variety, which can help maintain motivation and interest throughout long seasons of race preparation.

A newer training option ideal for runners is the Zero Runner, which replicates real running motion but removes harmful repetitive impact. Using the machine’s independent hip and knee joints, runners adopt their natural stride and pace but don’t subject their joints to additional stress. Plus, stride tracing technology lets runners monitor their stride throughout workouts and adjust as necessary to maintain proper form.

When fatigue sets in on longer runs outside, runners can complete their miles on the Zero Runner to help preserve their form, maximize stamina and reduce the risk of injury. The Zero Runner also provides a safe alternative to “junk miles” that runners are compelled to rack up even when fatigued after hard runs.

Furthermore, the Zero Runner features unique CROSS CiRCUIT routines, which blend brief running intervals with strength and flexibility exercises. Videos demonstrate the exercises, and numerous workouts are available, including plyometrics, lateral movements and core, for greater running efficiency and variety.

Cross training improves a runner’s overall conditioning and can boost performance. Smart marathoners should take advantage of tools like the Zero Runner to add a new dimension to their training, help improve their race times and ultimately extend their running career.

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