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Giving Moms Freedom to Run

moms running


Busy moms, especially those with young children, do a whole lot of running around – doing laundry, making meals, chasing toddlers, attending sports events, dashing to the pediatrician, and more. But this may not be exactly the type of running that Mom wants.



Moms who enjoy recreational or competitive running know firsthand that it’s not always simple to fit in workouts, particularly when little ones unexpectedly get sick or have a snow day – or when the babysitter cancels, the carpool changes or a soccer game is rescheduled.

Being tied to the house with kids at home often means moms can’t go for a run outside. A treadmill is one option for at-home workouts, but now there is an even better alternative.

The new Zero Runner is a valuable tool that enables moms to enjoy runs inside, with the benefit of no impact to the body. Its independent hip and knee joints let runners replicate their natural stride, but without the repetitive stress. Plus, the self-powered design means no motors and no noise; providing a silent running experience that won’t disturb the family (or wake a napping child!).

Runners love the Zero Runner as a training supplement for races, for active recovery days and as a cross training tool. The unique CROSS CiRCUIT program combines running intervals with strength training and flexibility exercises to help runners efficiently improve overall performance. And beginning or former runners now have a way to get started safely and effectively, in the comfort and privacy of home.

And the free SmartLink app customizes workouts for beginning to advanced runners, creating tailored regimens to meet specific goals, which ultimately saves busy moms time that they can use exercising. Plus, when paired with the Zero Runner, the built in stride tracing technology lets runners monitor the health of their stride throughout workouts, adjusting form as necessary.

The Zero Runner is an ideal machine for running moms!

Find a specialty fitness retailer near you and try the  Zero Runner today.

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