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Running Made Even Better



Running is terrific exercise but can be challenging for many of us. In addition to subjecting your body to repetitive stress, you have to manage the weather, dressing appropriately, carrying water and being aware of multiple safety hazards. And some days, inclement weather can simply derail your running plans.


But now there is a solution to running’s challenges. The new Zero Runner from Octane Fitness is unlike anything available today – it lets you replicate your natural running gait but without any impact. So you run just like you would outside, but benefit from zero repetitive stress on the body.

Unlike treadmills or ellipticals, the Zero Runner uses mechanical hip and knee joints that mimic human biomechanics, so you completely control your stride and pace. Plus, you can take advantage of unique stride tracing technology to monitor your gait and adjust form as necessary, which is particularly helpful when fatigue may set in.

Furthermore, you can capitalize on valuable cross training with CROSS CiRCUIT, which combines cardio intervals on the Zero Runner with strength training and flexibility exercises to help address weak links and enhance overall performance.

And the free SmartLink app creates customized training plans, including 5K, 10K, ½ marathon, marathon and “just run,” which include outdoor runs and indoors sessions on the Zero Runner. Designed by athletic trainers and running coaches, the plans are designed according to your specified training duration, and you can choose beginner or advanced levels.

For longer runs, you can place your iPad® on the Zero Runner for entertainment options. Finally, with the Zero Runner, weather can never again interrupt your running schedule!

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