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One of the Best Home Workouts

best home workouts


Exercising at home is super convenient and available 24/7, so it’s hard to find an excuse not to get moving. The best home workouts vary by individual preference but ultimately are those that you do consistently and deliver the results you want.



Some people prefer an intense sweat session on the elliptical, while others may enjoy a yoga video. Depending on the extent of your home gym, however, sometimes workouts at home may become monotonous because your options are more limited than those available at the health club.

The good news is that the new Zero Runner is an ideal addition to your home gym to add variety and motivation. Unlike anything available today, the Zero Runner lets you replicate a natural walking or running stride but without any impact to the body. Its independent hip and knee joints facilitate your natural motion, but eliminate repetitive pounding.

So you can walk or run on the Zero Runner – just like you do outside – while protecting your body from stress. Furthermore, the Zero Runner lets you follow a circular stepping motion or a gliding movement for even more variety. And you can change movements on the fly throughout workouts to keep your muscles challenged and your mind engaged.

The Zero Runner is a valuable tool to help runners train for races, perform active recovery and maximize their running longevity. With unique stride tracing technology, the Zero Runner helps you monitor the health of your stride throughout workouts, adjusting form as necessary.

And the Zero Runner is a great new choice for exercisers who like to walk or run, as well as those that prefer low- or zero-impact workouts

Free from Octane Fitness, the SmartLink app adds more workouts to the Zero Runner and customizes routines based on personal goals. CROSS CiRCUIT also incorporates variety by combining cardio intervals on the Zero Runner with strength training and flexibility exercises nearby – all for one productive session!

Still looking for the best home workouts? Check out the incredible Zero Runner!

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