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Home Exercise Equipment for Runners

home exercise equipment


Just mentioning home exercise equipment to a runner can bring to mind dusty treadmills, unused bikes and machines like the Gazelle serving as a clothing rack. But new high quality home exercise equipment, designed specifically for runners, is changing that.


The most critical aspect of purchasing home exercise equipment is that you pick a modality that you like, and invest a bit in it. Premium equipment will feel better and last longer than any “deal” you may find. Try not to skimp when it comes to home exercise equipment, or you will regret it later. Don’t select a bike if you don’t like riding; and skip the stairclimber if you have bad knees.

If you’re a runner, obviously a treadmill makes sense and gives you a training option when inclement weather hits. Even better, the new Zero Runner from Octane Fitness lets you run, replicating your natural stride, without any impact. Its unique hip and knee joints equip you to run like you would outside – but without any moving belt or jarring on the joints.

The Zero Runner is a great supplement to outdoor runs, particularly if you’re training for a race and need to add more miles. You can safely boost your mileage using the Zero Runner without increasing your risk of injury.

And if you’re new to running, or aren’t able to tolerate the repetitive impact, the Zero Runner is a valuable way to adjust to running and perfect your form comfortably.

With the free SmartLink app from Octane Fitness, you can access customized training programs on the Zero Runner as well, which are designed according to your specified goals and incorporate outdoor runs along with Zero Runner workouts.

Home exercise equipment maximizes convenience, which hopefully minimizes excuses and helps keep you active. Shop around, check out different modalities and test several machines before you buy one. Then keep it in a prominent place at home so you’re reminded to use it. Commit to regular workouts, and schedule them in your calendar, and your body and mind will benefit.

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