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Outperforming a Stationary Bike

stationary bike


If you enjoy the upright or recumbent stationary bike, check out the xRide recumbent elliptical, which delivers a similar, seated, no-impact workout – only better.


There are a variety of options for stationary workouts; most popularly the stationary bike or upright bike. However, the xRide recumbent elliptical from Octane Fitness offers a far superior workout thanks to a variety of exclusive features. Keep reading to learn how the xRide outperforms other upright and stationary bike options.

Outperform a Stationary Bike

  • Longer pedal stroke  – Unlike a stationary bike, the recumbent elliptical requires the legs to move in a longer elliptical shape that research has shown burns 23% more calories than a recumbent bike. You also activate more muscles and can move forward or in reverse for variety.
  • Upper-body – The xRide delivers a total-body workout that fully engages the arms for greater caloric expenditure and conditioning. MultiGrip handlebars make it simple to find a comfortable hand position, and you can even isolate your upper body for periodic intervals.
  • Active Seat Position – With multiple height and tilt adjustments, this seat opens the torso and maximizes use of the hip muscles – and is incredibly comfortable!
  • Workout Boosters – Unique to Octane Fitness, the x-Ride, Chest Press and Leg Press elevate cross training with concentrated interval training that adds strength training and greater effectiveness to exercise sessions.
  • SmartLink – xRide users now can capitalize on SmartLink, Octane’s free app that enables exercisers to select their workout goal and get customized workouts on the recumbent elliptical designed to help achieve that goal. Workout history is tracked and routines are recalibrated if necessary to keep you progressing.

Traditional recumbent and upright stationary bike options are fine for low-impact workouts, but you can add variety and interest to your exercise program (and see results faster!) with the newer xRide recumbent elliptical that gives you all the benefits of a bike and more!


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