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Exercise During Pregnancy

exercise during pregnancy


Exercise during pregnancy is no longer forbidden; in fact, many OB/GYNs encourage their patients to exercise, as research has shown that staying active during an uncomplicated pregnancy has great benefits, including faster labor, healthier babies and a quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight for moms.


With a physician’s approval, and attention to how they are feeling daily, pregnant women can engage in a variety of exercise to help maintain health and wellbeing. Here are some options.

Exercise During Pregnancy

  1. Elliptical or cross trainer – These provide low-impact, total-body workouts that don’t jar the joints and can be performed at a variety of intensity levels.
  2. Stationary bike – Whether riding a bike at the gym or taking a group cycling class, this option is non-impact and seated for greater stability.
  3. Rowing machine – Another beneficial, non-impact, total-body regimen that is comfortable – although in later stages of pregnancy, the belly may get in the way a bit here!
  4. Yoga – Prenatal classes or modifications to some yoga poses help pregnant women enjoy strength, balance and flexibility benefits.
  5. Strength training – Women can build muscular endurance and strength with strength training using machines, free weights or resistance bands, making sure to use good form and breathe properly.
  6. Swimming or aqua aerobics – Buoyancy takes much of the stress off the pregnant body, and the water keeps exercisers cool, making hydro workouts a comfortable, effective, total-body option.
  7. Walking – Outside or on a treadmill, walking is unbeatable for its simplicity. Second-time moms can push their firstborn in a stroller to multi-task as well!
  8. Jogging – It is possible for some pregnant women to continue running, although some find this high-impact activity too uncomfortable. A treadmill can provide some shock absorption, but the way to run while pregnant is with the new Zero Runner by Octane Fitness.

With independent hip and knee joints, this unique running machine enables runners to replicate their natural gait – but WITHOUT ANY IMPACT! Fully supported, users aren’t subject to the typical repetitive stress of running, which is a huge bonus for pregnant exercisers who are carrying concentrated extra weight. Many women who were runners before pregnancy love the Zero Runner because it allows them to engage in their passion and keep up their conditioning. Even non-runners appreciate the no-impact, smooth motion and variety delivered by the Zero Runner.

Exercise during pregnancy is a wonderful way to help both mom and baby, and today’s variety of choices can help add motivation and fun during this special season in a woman’s life.

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