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Cross Training for Runners

cross training for runners


Runners are typically known for being a diehard bunch – eager to get in some miles no matter the sacrifice, whether it means pre-dawn awakenings, rain and snow or nagging joint or muscle pain. But running alone is only part of staying in shape.


Running is one of the best ways to get and stay in shape but ideally, running isn’t the only exercise you do. While it can be the No. 1 favorite, running day after day, year after year, to the exclusion of other workouts, isn’t necessarily the best way to train. It can lead to overuse and potential injuries, as well as muscular imbalances.

If you’re a casual runner or a competitive racer, cross training for runners can provide valuable benefits, including muscular endurance, core strength and greater muscular balance. Cross training includes adding different workouts to your running regimen, such as no- or low-impact cardio like swimming, biking or using the elliptical, which give you conditioning benefits without all the repetitive stress to the body.

And cross training for runners should include strength training, which research has shown can help improve running performance and reduce the risk of injury.

The most common reason runners give for not cross training is that nothing else feels like running, and so they worry if they are really benefitting from different workouts. The good news is that the new Zero Runner from Octane Fitness offers a way for runners to cross train AND run.

Unlike any other cardio machines, the Zero Runner uses independent hip and knee joints that let you replicate your natural running motion, just like outside, without any impact. So you get valuable specific training, but your bones and joints get a break from endless pounding.

Plus, when combined with Octane’s free SmartLink app, the Zero Runner includes CROSS CiRCUIT, a personalized routine that combines running on the Zero Runner with intervals of strength training and flexibility exercises. You don’t have to research or plan workouts – the machine does all the thinking for you.

Check out the Zero Runner. If provides a uniquely valuable cross training tool for beginning to elite runners.

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