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What’s Better than a Treadmill?



Treadmills are great tools for walking and running, especially when the weather is bad, it’s too dark outside or you have to be at home with the kids. However, treadmill mechanics and design don’t offer a realistic running motion; which is why many runners look for alternatives.


Historically, the treadmill has been the preferred option for indoor cardio exercise. It’s no surprise, since treadmills can accommodate everyone from beginners who prefer to walk to competitive endurance runners. There also haven’t been readily available alternatives.

Dedicated runners, however, sometimes avoid the treadmill because they feel like it doesn’t match true running due to the motor, moving belt and shock-absorbing deck. Now the Zero Runner delivers a unique way to replicate real running motion – for those just trying running to lifelong enthusiasts – but without any impact.

Here’s how the Zero Runner is better than a treadmill:

  • Authentic running motion – A treadmill’s belt pulls you along on a fixed path, which fundamentally changes your gait from running outdoors, without sufficiently engaging the hamstrings and glutes. With independent hip and knee joints, the Zero Runner mimics human biomechanics in running, letting runners replicate their natural stride and recruit those important posterior muscles.
  • Zero impact – While treadmills have cushioned decks, users still are subjected to enormous stress on the body with every step. In contrast, the Zero Runner fully supports runners, resulting in zero impact, while they completely control their motion. Less impact over time can mean lower risk of injury.
  • Stride tracing – When used with Octane Fitness’ free SmartLink app, the Zero Runner incorporates technology that traces your stride so you can track the health of your gait to ensure that you are performing as strong at mile 5 as you were at mile 1. Being able to monitor your gait can help the effects of fatigue, when stride typically shortens and form is compromised.
  • Cross training – The Zero Runner includes customized CROSS CiRCUIT programs that combine intervals of running on the machine with strength training and flexibility exercises for overall better conditioning and the ability to target weak links. You can pick from goals such as strength, speed and core stability, and the Zero Runner delivers exercises and video demonstration.
  • Convenient operation – Unlike noisy treadmills, the Zero Runner is whisper-quiet, so you don’t disturb anyone at home during workouts. And because it’s self-powered, you can place it anywhere – and save money on your electric bill.

Running is fantastic exercise, whether performed outside, on the treadmill or on the Zero Runner. What’s important, if you like to run, is mix up your routines over time and just go!

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