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Workout Routines for Men

workout routines for men


When it comes to workout routines for men, Octane Fitness’ CROSS CiRCUIT delivers guidance, motivation and results. By infusing cardio with strength training exercises, CROSS CiRCUIT provides a full-body workout.



Our unique CROSS CiRCUIT program combines cardio intervals on the elliptical with strength training exercises adjacent to the machine for a power-packed, sweat-inducing session. And the best part? You knock out both cardio and strength at once, for the ultimate in efficiency and effectiveness.

All you need is an Octane standing elliptical, LateralX or Zero Runner, and you’re on your way. Select CROSS CiRCUIT and choose from some of the most popular workout routines for men, including Golf Strength, Soccer, Football and more. On the Zero Runner, CROSS CiRCUIT incorporates exercises for built for endurance, strength and active recovery, along with plyometrics and lateral training to boost running performance.

Use dumbbells, PowerBlocks, Octane’s Powerbands or your own body weight to take on the exercises indicated for your goal. Then jump back on the machine for a cardio blast. Before you know it, you’ve conquered a total-body challenge.

The program tells you what to do, so there’s no preparation or guesswork on your part. And if you download Octane’s free SmartLink app, you benefit even more, as CROSS CiRCUIT includes more than 225 exercises and 35 workout routines all demonstrated on screen, with coaching tips along the way.

Plus, SmartLink can custom-design workout routines for men, based on the goals of Lose Weight, Feel Better, Get Stronger and Athletic Performance. Simply name your goal, identify your time frame of 30, 60 or 90 days, and enjoy a regimen created to help you succeed.

And SmartLink tracks your workout data so you can see your progress, adjust workouts as necessary and boast on social media to your buddies. Check out CROSS CiRCUIT at octanefitness.com and download SmartLink at http://bit.ly/octanesmartlink.

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